Mysore style Ashtanga Wednesdays & Thursdays 6:30a- 8:30a

Many things make your experance better

Arrive Early

Studio doer is open 15 minutes before class, most of the time.Teacher will open curtain when it’s ok to come in. this gives us time to do paper work and get to know each other.

What To Wear

Wear what is comfortable (no jeans) you want to be able to move freely.

You don't need special Yoga clothes.

No Cell Phone

Yoga is a time to turn off the out side world. Turn off phone as you come in and keep it off untill you are out of the studio, please don't end your class and rush to check your text's.

Winter Weather

We are in Minnesota so winter closings happen from time to time. Check the studio Facebook Page (you don't have to do the Facebook to check page -just  push fb icon and you can view page.we also send out e-mail too.

more soon

more soon