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Gillian-opened Minnehaha Yoga Studio in 2006. She began doing yoga years ago when there was just Yoga, over the years she has practiced most styles of yoga as they became available in the twin cities and finds value in all styles of yoga.

When she opened the studio she wanted to create a beautiful comfortable place where everyone would feel welcome. Every one can benefit from Yoga-what's not to like about feeling better, feeling a bit stronger, calmer and more open. You don't have to stand on your hands or twist in to a knot but if you want to we can help you find it in you.

Gillian completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification training and Vinyasa training at Core Power Yoga and continued her studies with Tias Little, Julie Gudmestad, Max Strom and has done workshops with may other great teachers. She is trained in Thai Yoga massage and uses many of the techniques to adjust and assist in all her classes.

Gillian brings elements of all her teachers and styles to her classes, in either a gentle class or a more vigorous Vinyasa, trying is always more than doing. It's in the process of trying and falling that we learn the most. Gillian believes that a guided group yoga class should still be an individual experience where each student is encouraged to find the version of a pose that best suites their needs. She loves that all of the classes are small and you will never be "you in the red shirt." Gillian is very thankful to all of her fellow teachers here at the studio for their help, patience and guidance.

Teri-Teri's first yoga class was on a Thursday night in March of 2001. She went to it hoping to "de?stress", not knowing exactly what yoga entailed. She was hooked with her first class, and by Tuesday of the following week was chomping at the bit waiting for Thursday to come! It's been a love affair ever since. Teri decided to get her teaching certification for the simple reason that she thinks everyone should practice yoga. She brings this enthusiasm for yoga to every class she teaches. Teri received her yoga teaching certification from the White Lotus Foundation after training there with Gang! a White and Tracey Rich. She has since studied with Ana Forrest and Shiva Rea. She thanks local yogi,teacher, and friend, Julie Lerner Schmit, for her guidance/mentoring and friendship, and her family and friends for their ongoing support.

Erez-Erez grew up in Israel. At the age of eighteen he joined the Israeli Army, and was recruited for the Special Forces for four and a half years. Upon leaving he traveled the world. It was in Minneapolis that he discovered Yoga. He always knew he would do something in his life which combined the physical and spiritual. Erez found his destiny in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. He has traveled to India, California and New York in order to study with his teacher, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. He has supplemented his training by studying with the only teachers in the world who are qualified to teach Ashtanga due to the fact that they have spent a lot of time in India in order to be certified by Pattabhi Jois. They are as follows: Manju Jois, Pattabhi's son, Shirat Jois, Pattabhi's grandson, Micheal Gannon, Govinda Kai, and Kino Macgregor. Erez's newest favorite teachers are his two beloved children Lilly and Lucas whom he learns from each and every day! Erez teaches authentic, traditional Ashtanga, mixing the physical and the spiritual in a seamless flow.

Mike Fry-Mike took his first yoga class in the early 1990ís and has been a huge fan of it ever since. Over the years, he has increased his practice and
study with different teachers with different approaches. He has also incorporated a deep perspective of what yoga can contribute to a personís life, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. And, while he is serious about his own yoga practice, his classes are likely to leave you feeling light and laughing, because he loves sharing his practice in a light-hearted way with anyone at any level.

In his normal daily work he owns a consulting business that helps animal shelters across the United States. It is hard, emotionally challenging and
stressful work. Mike says that yoga reduces that stress and it helps keep focus and balance when the world around him is chaotic. Teaching other people to achieve that balance and focus is a passion for him. He says that of all the yoga studios he has visited, Minnehaha Yoga, where he has practiced for several years, and studied with Gillian- is his hands-down favorite. That makes him especially happy to be joining our team.

Dave- Dave started practicing yoga in the late 90ís while recovering from a rock climbing fall that left him with a shattered heel bone. He was looking to gain flexibility and strength for the injured foot so he could continue with his passions of cycling and skiing. This mission was accomplished over the next few years and more importantly, a fire was lit to continue studying yoga.

Vinyasa classes drew Dave in as they are athletic in nature and provide challenges that made him want to keep coming back. For several years he practiced this style of yoga with a variety of teachers, including many hours at Minnehaha Yoga with Gillian. His Slow Flow class is influenced by what he has learned from these teachers and taught in a flowing style of his own.

As Dave continued trying different styles of yoga, he eventually found yin and restorative yoga during teacher training. These mellow classes made a lot of sense for him as an aging athlete and someone that tends to Ďrun hotí and stress out. His personal practice now focuses on these styles and has been enhanced by a continued education in pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and yoga nidra. The quiet side of yoga has made positive changes in Daveís life and he wants to pass on what he has learned.

Sarah- Sarah Honeywell started her long relationship with yoga in 1998, with home videos on VHS from the public library. It wasn't long until she started a strong practice in Iyngar which she studied for 5 years.

Sarah has her roots deep in Iynegar. She is yoga curious so she has tried many varieties of more contemporary yoga practices while keeping the great sensiblities of alignment of posture taught to her from her Iyngar teachers.

After many years of exploring and growing and expanding her practice she found Erez. It was with him that Sarah deepened and strengthen her practice. She reclaimed her love of rigid routine and the mindful ceremony that Ashtanga provides her today.

Leslie- Leslie started practicing yoga with the goal of increasing strength, concentration and flexibility, but what she found was so much more. Through yoga she has gained self-confidence, found community and an overall sense of well-being.

In 2016 Leslie lead with her heart and traveled to Thailand where she received her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasa.

As an instructor, Leslie's classes are creative and playful yet rooted in tradition. Her goal is to leave every student feeling grounded, renewed and at peace through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana.† 612-729-8387
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